Recycle Your Items

At Be Amazing NYC, we are committed to doing our part in creating a more sustainable future. We believe that recycling is one of the many ways we can make a positive impact on the environment. That's why we are excited to introduce our recycling program, which allows customers to send back any products they have purchased from us once they no longer need them. There is no time limit for customers to participate in our recycling program and send back any products they no longer want.

A Circular Economy

Participating in a circular economy is crucial for reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices across all industries. In the context of the fashion industry, adopting circular economy principles can help to reduce the environmental impact of clothing production and consumption. By recycling and reusing materials, we can extend the life cycle of clothes, reducing the need for new production and the associated resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This approach can also promote a more responsible consumption pattern, where customers are encouraged to buy pre-owned items rather than new ones, reducing the pressure to constantly produce new clothing. Additionally, by offering affordable pre-loved clothing through circular economy practices, we can help people who are in poverty afford good-quality clothing. By adopting circular economy principles, we can create a more sustainable future, help reduce poverty, and promote a healthier planet for generations to come.

Our recycling program is designed to encourage our customers to participate in a more circular economy. By sending back their unwanted products, they can help us reduce waste and minimize our carbon footprint. Once we receive the items, we inspect them to ensure that they are clean and in good condition. If the items meet our standards, we offer them for sale at a discounted price on the Depop platform here.

Recycle Your Items

As a thank you for contributing to our recycling program, we are pleased to offer our customers store credit equivalent to 25% of the resell value of the items they return or $5 off coupon (whichever is greater). This credit can be applied towards the purchase of something new and we hope it will encourage more people to take part in our recycling efforts. 

To initiate the recycling process, please complete the form below by indicating which product(s) you wish to return. Upon receipt of the form, our team will carefully review your request and provide you with detailed instructions on how to return the item(s), including a pre-paid shipping label for your convenience.

  • Recycled items must have:
    • No Signs of Wear - This means that the item appears to be in like-new condition, without any visible wear and tear. For example, there should be no pilling (little balls of fabric that form on the surface of the material), fading (loss of color due to washing or exposure to sunlight), or shrinkage (when the fabric becomes smaller after washing). If there are any signs of wear, the item may not be as durable or long-lasting as a new one.
    • No Damage - This means that the item is free from any kind of damage that would affect its functionality, appearance, or safety. This includes missing parts (such as buttons or zippers), rips or tears in the fabric, stains that cannot be removed, and odors that cannot be eliminated. If there is any damage, it may detract from the item's value or usability.
    • No Alterations - This means that the item has not been changed in any way from its original state, including missing or altered sizing information. This is important because alterations can affect the fit, style, or quality of the item, and missing sizing information can make it difficult to determine if the item will fit properly. If there have been alterations or missing information, it may not be the same as the original item or may not meet the intended purpose.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept personalized items as part of our recycling program, as they are unique to the customer and cannot be resold.





We are also committed to ensuring that all returned items are given a second life. Any products that are returned as part of a regular return or exchange process will be listed as pre-loved on the Depop platform. Recycling these items back to consumers just makes good sense, and we want to give these items a chance to find a new home.

Together, we can make a difference and create a better world for future generations.